About Us

Boom Asset Management

Have been employed specifically by the fire industry to help develop and focus purely on digital platforms, Apps, CRM and Customer Portal systems for all fire service maintenance and installation companies from start-ups to multinationals to global organisations who dedicate their work flow within the PASSIVE and ACTIVE fire safety industry to enhance the fire industries asset management, compliance and golden thread to a clean paperless, low carbon footprint, cost efficient and eco friendly core systems.

Boom Asset Management is a specialist in fire protection solutions with over 75 years of experience within the fire and software industry.

We are a source of fire safety expertise within the digital world, but more importantly, we give business owners and employees peace of mind with simplicity.

We are independently verified, working to the appropriate standards and best practices, giving customers the assurance of quality for their engineers and office staff to ensure their customers get the best service available.

In addition to this, we are also active members of a number of industry Trade Associations.